[AUUG-Talk]: AGM tonight...

Enno Davids enno.davids at metva.com.au
Wed Dec 12 09:50:50 EST 2007

So no guarantees this will work...

Having just signed up for some of that new fangled wireless broadband I'll
give a go at keeping a running commentary open of the AGM tonight. My notion
is to use gtalk and its 'group chat' facility to create what amounts to
a chat room and anyone can join in and listen. Not sure if it'll work but
worth a try at least... (I have no idea what your voting status would be
under such an arrangement... my guess is its too easy to fake... but we're
AUUG, so we have no shortage of bush lawyers and maybe this will distract

I've created a special account 'auug2007agm at gmail.com' for it and will keep
it online from after lunch so people can add it to their buddy lists... As
I understand it, pretty much anyone with a client that speaks jabber can
connect or you can use either Google's downloadable applet or their web
based client to access it.


(And if it needs to be said, no promises. If the 3g coverage sucks, or my
laptop explodes, yadda yadda yadda... Fingers crossed boys and girls.)

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