[AUUG-Talk]: An offer you may refuse

Christopher.Vance at auug.org.au Christopher.Vance at auug.org.au
Tue Dec 11 20:31:10 EST 2007

On 2007-12-11, at 11:27:39, Adrian Close wrote:

> On Tue, 11 Dec 2007, David Newall wrote:
>> I would like to offer my services, once again, as webmaster.  It's  
>> something the constitution permits me to do even if I no longer am  
>> a financial member.
> It's fine by me.
> And I'd like to hold this up as a shining example of the kind of  
> volunteer effort the organisation needs if it is going to continue  
> (in any form, financial or no).

There is stuff on new.auug.org.au and other stuff on www.auug.org.au.  
It would be nice to reduce the number of machines...

-- Christopher

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