[AUUG-Talk]: bequests and benefactors

David Newall david.newall at auug.org.au
Tue Dec 11 11:30:49 EST 2007

Peter Miller wrote:
> It is my observation and experience that Linux Australia is far more
> inclusive than it's title may suggest.  Its annal conference, for
> example, welcomes talks from anyone with an Open Source bent.  Before
> you all shout me down, I acknowledge that this does not include some
> proprietary Open Systems.

I'd like to take this further.  It is claimed that AUUG is inclusive of 
proprietary Unixes as well as the open ones, but all I see are words.  
Where are the SCO users?  Where are the Irix users?  Where are the OSF 
users?  We've got Solaris, largely via Mr. Sun, himself: David 
Horsfall.  But what other proprietary Unixes are practiced by our 
members?  The "proprietary UNIX" argument is now, and probably always 
has been, a red herring, and a negative one at that.  AUUG was *never* 
about proprietary operating systems, even though UNIX was and still is 

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