[AUUG-Talk]: Constructive Ideas for AUUG

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Mon Sep 25 18:56:55 EST 2006


>> 1. Leverage what *is* working.
>>    - There are 2 or 3 working chapters.

The SA Chapter survives because it's small, intimate and everyone 
basically gets along well with each other. I'd describe the meetings 
more of a social outing than a technical meeting - but then again in SA 
if I wanted to go to a technical open source meeting, I'd go to LinuxSA.

I think the reason the SA chapter survives is that the small, core group 
who do come along to meetings regularly (I try to but rarely succeed) 
actively remind each other, via the mailing list that a meeting is on.

*I* personally wouldn't mind a mailing list or RSS feed available to 
know when an AUUG meeting or event is happening, nationwide. The purpose 
of this, I think, would be to remember that AUUG is alive in between 
conferences even though the most meetings might happen interstate.

>>    + and my favourite: Video all or some of the talks and make them
>> available *after* the event.  For the first 6 months, at a cost, then
>> free...  The production values don't have to be "perfect" - just good
>> enough.  After all, it's not a soapie.  The content is what's important.
>>    + I'm sure there are a number of academics who'd appreciate some of
>> these talks being available to show their students... Ask Dr Toomey.
> These are all good ideas too. Given the sprint to the conference,
> probably we won't do it this year. :-) But definitely something 
> for next year. I believe that the linux.conf.au folks have done 
> similar things for their conference.

They have been and, if you like, I might be able to get one of the 
people who has organised the videoing to help, if not in doing it but in 
providing useful pointers.

> Agreed. A big challenge for this years board is Liz's abscence. 
> We definitely do not have the time to do everything we'd like 
> to do for AUUG.



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