[AUUG-Talk]: AUUG Conferences Charges Ahead

David Newall david.newall at auug.org.au
Wed Sep 20 16:54:43 EST 2006

I notice that the AUUG web says, "false rumours suggesting that the AUUG 
Conference and AGM are not running are circulating in the press and some 
on-line forums."  I never heard anybody suggest the conference wasn't 
going ahead.  It goes on to say, "sadly, 'bagging' AUUG before the 
annual conference has become an annual event in some quarters in recent 
years.  But happily we note that spontaneous positive comments by AUUG 
members on-line far out number the negative."  As this is under the 
headline, "AUUG Conference", the distinction between AUUG and its 
conference is too subtle, and leads to the false impression that the 
conference has been questioned.  (It hasn't.)

The article performs a disservice.  May I suggest it be replaced with 
something more positive, such as:

    *AUUG Consider Its Future

    In the face of stiff competition from the Open Source Community,
    AUUG members are discussing whether there is still a need for a
    group which focuses specifically on UNIX.  The board, which is
    currently preoccupied with preparations for the 2006 conference,
    welcomes this scrutiny.  Opinions on AUUG's future might vary, but
    one thing is sure: the annual conference has always been first-rate
    and will continue so into the future.  There's sure to be a healthy
    discussion on the future of AUUG at the AGM, to be held during the

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