[AUUG-Talk]: Re: AUUG: Time to pull the plug?

David Newall david.newall at auug.org.au
Wed Sep 20 11:54:41 EST 2006

> So the score so far is:
> QLD - inactive
> NSW - inactive
> ACT - inactive
> SA - active
> VIC - unknown
> WA  - unknown
> TAS - unknown
> NT  - unknown [did anyone ever meet in Darwin]
> I know there were once group meetings in Woolongong as well.

Thinking out aloud here: business managers cost, say, $60,000pa;
conferences see around 200 attendees;  don't replace the business
manager and the conference fee could therefore be reduced by $300.  Just
back-of-the-envelope calculations, but you see where it could go.

AUUG's conferences are its crown jewels.  If they cost less then perhaps
more people would attend, and that might revitalise the group.

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