[AUUG-Talk]: Issues of AUUGN from Vol 1 No 1 onwards available

Frank Crawford frank at crawford.emu.id.au
Thu Nov 23 20:43:22 EST 2006

Dave, others,
	As some of you may know, at the AGM I took on the role of getting
AUUGNs up on Google Print.  Now I have access to all AUUGN's from Vol 6
No 1 onwards, but I need access to earlier volumes.

	In addition, I'd really like access to multiple copies, as that will
simplify the process, allowing Google to do destructive scanning.

	So, if you have copies of AUUGN available, particularly early volumes,
please let me know so we can see what we can arrange.

	A secondary issue to all this is that we may need to get permission
from the original authors to publish their articles.  Does anyone have
any further details about this, and/or ideas on how we can find out?

	So, if you have any comments or ideas, please contact me and we will
see what we can work out.


On Thu, 2006-09-28 at 21:32 +1000, Dave Horsfall wrote:
> Whilst looking for a recent AUUGN (see thread about membership renewal 
> if you're terminally curious/bored) mine eyes espied a pile of old AUUGNs,
> from Vol 1 No 1 (October 1978) to Vol 3 No 6 (Aug/Sep 1981).  And I know I 
> have the rest of them somewhere, but they're probably packed away.
> It contains the famous Thrust Meter, a few papers by Yours Truly, and I 
> think it has the short assembly program that would bring a PDP-11/70 to 
> its knees (the infamous "SPL" firmware bug).
> Free to an *organisation* that can use them, on condition they never get 
> chucked out and are available for viewing (even if as a PDF).  I'll make 
> this offer to the TUHS/PUPS people as well.
> -- Dave
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