[AUUG-Talk]: Re: Sell me an Apple!

Michael Talbot-Wilson mtw at view.net.au
Mon Mar 27 19:55:53 EST 2006

From: Greg 'groggy' Lehey <Greg.Lehey at auug.org.au>:

> In any case, I'm fed up.  I have real work to do.  At a recent
> ADUUG lunch, people suggested that an Apple might be the answer.  So
> I researched that, and I'm still not sure.  Once upon a time, a Mac
> Mini was so cheap that it was almost a no-brainer, but the prices
> have gone right up.  But I have space, so I don't need a Mac Mini.

When did they go up, in the last few weeks?  It's a no-brainer.

> But what do I need?  After examining the material, I have lots of
> questions:
> - What machine?  A G4 PowerMac looks like it would be a good choice.
> But how much power do I need to drive a 1280x720 display?  In other
> words, what frequency processor should I be looking for?  How much
> memory?

What has a G4 PowerMac got that a G4 Mac Mini ain't?  Oh yeah.  Don't
answer that.

I'm looking at a 20-inch Apple Cinema Display hanging off a Mac Mini
with a gig of RAM.  Fully stoked and with a DVD burner but without the
monitor the Mac Mini cost about $1400-$1500, I forget exactly.  The
resolution of this screen is 1680x1050... what did you say you wanted
to drive?

It looks pretty good to me, but I'm only using it for Adobe stuff
Photoshop, InDesign and stuff, documents and pictures, not high-speed
graphics.  The fastest thing I see is the screen saver.  FWIW, that is
_very_ swish.

>  - Can I even get MacOS X to display at this resolution?  The

Er...  Yes, probably.

> salesman at NextByte wasn't able to confirm, and browsing through
> the setup menus it looks as if Mac OS hasn't heard of this standard
> resolution, though I hope that it will recognize it if the projector
> tells it to do so.

If you have a monitor that does 1280x720 and you must have exactly
that the answer is a definite negative.  The Mac Mini is a heap of
shit that can't get closer to your requirement than 1280x800.  Or
worse, 1290x960.  Or 1344x840, 1344x1008, 1600x1000 or 1680x1050.

On the underside it can't get closer than 1024x768 or 1024x768

So you're outta luck.
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