[AUUG-Talk]: RE: Multiline DECT phones?

Adam Hawes adamh at adpro.com.au
Tue Mar 7 11:51:26 EST 2006

> - One phone for home phone number and office phone number (two
>   different lines).
> - Both have a VoIP connection, so they each go through a Sipura
>   SPA3000.
> - I want a headset at least for my office phone, preferably wireless.
>   Could be Bluetooth.

I have a good Oricom DECT phone.  It's 1.8GHz so it doesn't get all over your Wireless signals and you can have multiple handsets/bases in the same vicinity.  The handsets I have also have a 3.5mm stereo socket that accepts a Nokia-compatible earpiece.  It works a treat.  

I have been incredibly happy with them.  I plug them into my VoIP and they sound great.  I haven't ever experienced any of the echo problems that some people complain about with VoIP services.


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