[AUUG-Talk]: 30th anniversary

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Tue Jan 24 22:07:29 EST 2006

On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Greg Rose wrote:

> > > According to the timeline, that was December 1975. No mention of 
> > > AUUG's founding date though (at least, not that I can see in the 
> > > first half dozen pages or so).
> There is one thing I can date with high accuracy; around December 
> 197*4*, Chris and I found a printout on the Elec Eng batch station 
> printer and couldn't figure out what the programming language was, that 
> had /* PL-1 comments */ and overstruck (- where we'd expect to see 
> "begin". It was, of course, C. So the first Version 5 tape arrived about 
> then. The $200 tape that Dave mentions was, I think, the Version 6 
> "official" tape.

Ah, yes; that was when I began playing Hunt-the-Wumpus...  I think the 
Dept. of Power Engineering actually paid for Edition 6?

So we definitely missed the Unix boat :-(

> > We missed the boat on UNIX, so it looks like ORGAN will have to be 
> > next (assuming anyone here remembers that).  Greg?  Ian?  Chris?  Who 
> > the hell is here, anyway?
> I'm here, but I honestly have no idea what ORGAN means (unless you're 
> referring to the pun of AUUGN being the official organ ...)

Yep; one of Ianj's worse puns...  Remember that poster on his office wall? 
"Tits'n'bums - a study of Church architecture" with appropriate 
blacked-out models.

-- Dave

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