[AUUG-Talk]: List of AUUGN Editors?

Frank Crawford frank at crawford.emu.id.au
Sun Dec 17 22:04:47 EST 2006

Going through the old AUUGNs I realised that there has been a lot of
effort put in by the editors (and sub-editors) over the years.  However,
there does not really seem to be a list of who the editors over the
years are, or what their reigns were.

So, given that, I'd like to make a list of all the editors, and I'd like
so of the old f..ts to help out.

David Purdue Dec 2006 - ????
Greg Lehey Jun 2004 (V25.2) - ? 2006 (V26.?)
Con Zymaris Dec 2000 (V21.4) - Mar 2004 (V25.1)
Gunther Feuereisen Oct 1996 (V17.5/6) - Sep 2000 (V21.3)
Phil Anderson Feb 1995 (V16.1) - Aug 1996 (V17.4)
Jagoda Crawford Aug 1991 (V12.2/3) - Dec 1994 (V15.6)
David Purdue Oct 1989 (V10.5) - Jan 1991 (V12.1)
John Carey ? - Aug 1989 (V10.4)

So, are these dates correct?  Who preceded them?  What volumes do they
really cover (and I will try and fix that up soon as well).


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