[AUUG-Talk]: Documenting how ADSL modems work?

Greg 'groggy' Lehey Greg.Lehey at auug.org.au
Thu Sep 8 10:47:41 EST 2005

Sorry for those of you who got a blank email yesterday.  It seems that
our mailing list software swallows signed attachments with no
warning.  So this one isn't signed; it's still me, believe me :-)


I'm in the process of changing my ADSL modem, and I've had a
surprising amount of difficulty understanding how the hardware works.  
That makes it difficult for me to decide what to buy.
Specifically, a lot of terms are mentioned: RFC 1483 bridged and
routed modes, VPI, VCI, UBR, raw bridges, and many more.  I can find
some of this stuff in mulitple different places (like RFC 1483, for
example, which makes your eyes go funny, which states that it's
obsolete and which doesn't really talk about how the modems implement
it), but I can't find any in-depth documentation that explains how it
all fits together.
Further issues are that I'm running an IP-IP tunnel, and that I want
to run VoIP.  I've worked out some things about IP-IP tunnels (and how
they differ from GRE tunnels), but the documentation I've found about
VoIP, especially in this context, is pretty minimal.  If anybody can
point me to a good tutorial introduction, I'd be grateful.
See complete headers for address and phone numbers.

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