[AUUG-Talk]: Possible paid LaTeX work

Alastair Irvine alastair at warpspace.net
Fri Nov 4 17:04:49 EST 2005


I write on behalf of a business associate, who uses an in-house
accounts-receivable system.  This system is used to generate invoices
using a facility similar to mail-merge.

The invoice template is written in LaTeX and needs to be rewritten.  The
new template needs to use a specific layout and "tax return style" boxes
for the characters of the name & credit card details.  The template must
also import images (specifically, credit card logos).

If there is anyone who has TeX/LaTeX experience and thinks they can do the
above over the course of a few hours, please reply OFF LIST to both Scott
(in CC) and I.  Thanks.

Alastair Irvine, Warpspace IT <http://www.warpspace.net/>
1300 881744

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