[AUUG-Talk]: RE: Mobile phone/PDA recommendations?

David Newall david.newall at auug.org.au
Fri Dec 9 17:34:15 EST 2005

Peter Childs wrote:
> Personally I think the PDA thing is a bit of a crock, and I have a Newton :)
> (not the Mark type)
I had a Newton.  Worst thing Apple ever made.  Its fundamental promise 
was that it would learn your handwriting, but that was a lie.  The only 
good thing I can say about them was when I finally flipped over it's 
failure to track the stylus one too many times, and tried to smash the 
stylus through the screen in my frustration, the stylus broke and not 
the screen.  Somebody out there has a free third-hand Newton with a 
broken stylus and a minor tear in the screen's protective cover.  They 
also have my sympathy.

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