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Thanks for the info.

My I make a small suggestion please:

perhaps it would be possible to send all such messages with a subject line 
that makes reference to AUUG.

Otherwise, some people's spam filters may wrongly mark the message as 

Best regards,

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Steve Landers <steve at DigitalSmarties.com>
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Hi folks,

It's a now under a week to the Sixth Australian Open Source Symposium, 
to be held in Perth on Thursday October 28th, at the OpenSource WA 
demonstration centre at Technology Park, Bentley.

Just a reminder that online registration is available at 

I'd like to highlight two speakers to you - Jeremy Malcom and David 

Jeremy (one of the better known Open Source identities in Perth) is a 
lawyer and a technology consultant, whose legal practice emphasises IT 
and communications law, commercial litigation, intellectual property 
and Trade Practices law, and whose technology practice focuses on open 
source software solutions.  His presentation will outline some of the 
legal issues relevant to an organisation's decision to adopt open 
source software.  Some of the prevalent myths about the risks of using 
open source software will be demolished, but there will also be a frank 
analysis of the need to carefully manage the use of open source 
software in order to avoid
legal problems.

David Newall is an Adelaide based  computer consultant and freelance 
programmer with over 25 years experience in implementing a diverse 
range of software including accounting systems,
programming tools, database managers, communications protocols, machine 
control, and web applications. David will present a case study on 
moving an SME IT infrastructure from Windows to Linux - addressing 
issues such as server configuration, security, network traffic 
management and migrating e-mail accounts,

AOSS6 aims to be a "value for money" symposium - designed to
   * Promote the sharing of information and experience relating to OSS
   * Give the OSS community a place to interact
   * Nurture and harness synergies between OSS projects
   * Raise the awareness and credibility of OSS within the broader ICT

The cost is $60 for AUUG + SLPWA members, $75 affiliated group members 
SAGE-AU, LA, ACS, etc) and $100 for non-members. There is a special 
discounted student
rate of just $30.

This price represents outstanding value and includes morning/afternoon
tea/coffee, and a stand-up lunch, and a variety of speakers addressing 
a diverse
range of topics, as shown in the attached abstracts

I look forward to seeing you there next week



Steve Landers, Vice President
AUUG Incorporated

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