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Open Source Industry Australia - National Body Launched
Australia -- 1st March, 2004

Australia now has a national body tasked with increasing the uptake of
Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) throughout the Corporate, Government
and Education sectors. This group will also work towards improving the
success of FOSS-related businesses and professionals.
"A meeting was held during the recent Australian Linux conference,
linux.conf.au, to discuss the merit of establishing a national
business-focused industry group for firms providing software, solutions
and services encompassing Free and Open Source Software," said OSIA member
Adam Crow, managing director of DCLABS. "The culmination of these
discussions is OSIA - Open Source Industry Australia."

Specifically, OSIA will focus on the following areas:

* To present the business case for FOSS to Corporations, Government
  and Education.

* To become the first-point-of-contact for Corporations, Government and
  the media on any topic about the national FOSS industry, through a
  free information referral service.

* To become the national coordinator of events and activities relating
  to the business advocacy of FOSS.

* To demonstrate the depth, experience and professionalism of the
  Australian Open Source industry segment.

* To help our members improve their local and export business success in
  marketing Open Source products and services.

* To join with other FOSS organisations in the broader community,
  working to increase the uptake of Open Source in Australia.

* To prepare and disseminate reports, guidelines and procurement 
  policies detailing how to evaluate, acquire and migrate to FOSS.
* To sponsor Australia's first ongoing virtual forum for the discussion
  of issues related to the deployment and development of FOSS solutions 
  within the Government and public sectors.

"OSIA welcomes all businesses, professional developers and consultants
who work partially or predominantly within the Open Source arena to
become members," stated fellow OSIA member Adam Donnison of Saki
Computer Services. "This is a new and growing industry and we can
deliver benefits for all concerned by banding together to achieve our
common goals. By joining now you can help set the national FOSS industry

"We estimate that there are presently over 500 businesses, consultants
and professional developers who could benefit from the member services
that OSIA offers," concluded Crow. "We also want to grow this sector,
along with the rest of the Australian ICT industry. Open Source brings
substantial benefits and advantages to both consumers of software
technology as well as locally-based producers and suppliers. We will
work towards communicating and realising these benefits for all

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About Open Source Industry Australia

OSIA is the industry body for Open Source within Australia. We exist to
further the cause of Free and Open Source software (FOSS) in Australia
and to help our members to improve their business success in this
growing sector of the global Information and Communication Technology
(ICT) market.


Spokesperson/Contact: Con Zymaris
Phone: 03 9621 2377
Fax: 03 9621 2477
Email: conz at cyber.com.au

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