[Talk] New MozOO.org CD release, featuring Mozilla 1.7 and OpenOffice.org for Windows

Arjen Lentz arjen at mysql.com
Tue Jun 29 15:00:51 EST 2004

Hi all,

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Version 406 (June 2004) of the MozOO.org CD has been released. The
MozOO.org CD contains a simple set of productivity tools for Windows.
The CD ISO image is small enough (110MB) to fit on a MiniCD.

The main components Mozilla and OpenOffice.org, with language files and
other stuff for both, and a nice installer that takes care of all
necessary things in the proper order. It's very simple, targeted.

The primary target audience is home and small office users. Non-geeks.
They won't move to Linux yet, but this offers an easy and appropriate
first step with the tools everybody uses.
It allows people to not worry about upgrading their office suite, having
a good browser, a bayesian spamfilter built into their email program,
Plus it's an excellent answer to the "open source is losing the desktop
battle" nonsense that's appeared in the press ;-)

For more info as well as the ISO image, see http://mozoo.org/.

Yes it would be excellent to see this CD with a little booklet available
at news agents around the country and beyond!
Feel free to talk to me about this: arjen at mozoo.org
(you can also ask me for my phone# there, if you don't already have it -
if you do, feel free to call to discuss ideas.)

Ahyes, the design allows for easy localisation, so that's another thing
we'll be looking into now that the glitches in the earlier release have
been ironed out. If you can help with that, or anything else, please
also contact me. All assistance and ideas will be much appreciated.

Arjen Lentz, Technical Writer, Trainer
Brisbane, QLD Australia
MySQL AB, www.mysql.com

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