[AUUG-Talk]: ACA says that Anti-spam laws are working...

Michael Paddon michael at paddon.org
Fri Jul 23 17:30:15 EST 2004

David Purdue writes:
> According to The Age 
> (http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2004/07/22/1090464779848.html) the 
> Australian Communications Authority says that the new Anti-Spam laws 
> have dramatically reduced the amount of spam we are all recevining.
> Has anyone noticed?

My figures for 2004:
Jan 1835
Feb 2591 
Mar 2399
Apr 3396
May 2608
Jun 4654
Jul 4646 (projected, 3443 on the 23rd)

Doesn't seem to be getting any better to me. More than twice as bad as the 
start of the year would be a fairer assessment.

FYI, the legislation substantially relies on mandatory unsubscribe functionality,
which is a well documented way of getting ON to spammers lists. Why even 
the drunkest, woman bashing, travel rorting, warmongering, spin-doctoring,
weapons-of-mass-destruction loving, human rights abusing, war criminal 
would think this would work I have no idea. Neither do I understand why any 
of our honourable representatives thought the same.


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