[Talk] Is AUUG too pro open source?

Peter Werner peterw at ifost.org.au
Wed Jan 21 20:56:37 EST 2004

>> I've never had a sense that there is a 'Linux-only' crowd. Open Source
>> only, perhaps. 
> Maybe so, but nonetheless.

this begs the question, if someone is dogmatically linux or open source only,
why are they on a unix list? :) best tool for the job and so on.

>> Most Linux-ers are welcoming of BSD and MacOS X even. In fact, I generally
>> find that there are more anti-Linux BSD users, which is a shame.

> I think that actively not discussing Linux on the AUUG lists (for want of a
> better description) will only increase that. It may also make the Linux
> crowd who aren't quite sure of what AUUG can do for and/or give them less
> likely to feel like AUUG is there for them.

im not saying "dont talk about linux", im saying "keep linux advocacy to a
minimum, where possible." As an example take linux vs sco. though focussing on
linux the outcome(s) will affect all unix, this is the sortof stuff id expect to
see discussed. things like "x are thinking about using linux, and have said so
in this press article" (as a generalisation) i feel would be better served on a
linux advocacy list.

hope this clarifies.


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