[Talk] LCA2004 happenings :)

Kimberly Shelt mnogo at archive.linmagau.org
Tue Jan 13 00:15:06 EST 2004

Happily some folks have come forward with their experiences of the first day LCA2004.
Covering the miniconfs that happened today...
Audio / Government OSSS / Debian / Ipv6.. 
you just gotta be happy with at least one of those :)


If you are attending the conf and have a blog.. let us know.. people who are not
lucky enough to be at the conf..are hammering me for info on what is happening..
how things are going..

Or if you just know of a space we should be watching.. let us kmnow ! :)
Return email or submit it on the site..

Kimberly Shelt

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