[Talk] [Bsd] Unwanted spam (fwd)

Andrae Muys andrae.muys at braintree.com.au
Sat Jan 3 11:03:40 EST 2004

David Lloyd wrote:

> David,
  > 2. List admins often don't like member only mailing lists because list
> members often can't decide what address to post from
>  - I've been one of those horrid members
> A solution that often works is to subscribe with multiple e-mail addresses
> but only set the receive flag on one of them. It's slightly more painful
> but if you've got something really important to say then it really isn't
> much more effort.

The way humbug avoids this issue is to provide two list-addresses for 
each mailing-list.  One of these addresses is the list itself, the other 
provides a convenient way for subscribers to register any other 
addresses they wish to post from.  Eg.  There is a general mailing list 
and a general-post mailing list.


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