[AUUG-Talk]: Printed AUUGN: Value or not?

Glenn Huxtable glenn at huxtable.wattle.id.au
Mon Dec 6 23:00:07 EST 2004

> I have a question: Would any of you, or do you know of anybody, who
> would fail to renew membership because AUUGN was no longer printed?

I don't get along to conferences these days (I live on the right side of the 
country, but not for AUUG conferences) and I admit I don't often get around to
reading a lot of AUUGN, but I'd be sorry to see the printed AUUGN go.

I wouldn't resign my membership over it, but it would certainly make it harder 
to answer the question "what benefit am I getting from AUUG mambership" next 
time we have to consider our budget and whether we continue spending on 
membership (USENIX and SAGE-US went that way).

I'm not sure whether a soft edition of AUUGN would cut it. There's just so much
information available on the net today, it may just pale into "yet another bit 
of info from the net".


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