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Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 15:55
From: "Johnstone, Andy" <DESPAMMED>

Hello again everyone,

Thank you once again for your contributions.

Ian has re-introduced the open source Bill into Parliament.

Bearing in mind that people may have limited bandwidth...

...I will send links etc.

The Bill and second reading speech may be found at:

Front door method:


Follow the link to "Issues and Campaigns" Scroll down the list to "Open
Source Software" and click the first two links on the list.

Please note, I have put links to as much of the commentary etc. as I
 have been able to find so far, please feel free to send me more links.

For those of you who want to ignore frames and fripperies and get
 straight to the speech try:

ware. htm

The Bill itself can be found at:


Thanks again.


Andy Johnstone
Media Liaison / Research

The Hon. Ian Gilfillan MLC
Australian Democrats
Parliament House
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Cheers; Leon

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