[Talk] FreeBSD and Organisations

Matthew Gardiner coocoocachoonz at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 12 20:57:38 EST 2003

Just a little background information, I have been using *NIX for around 
8 years in total, 3 years using Linux, 5 using FreeBSD/Solaris and 
around 1 1/2 with MacOS X.

I've just been reading over the past couple of weeks regarding these 
so-called studies. First of all, how does one get in contact with these 
people who produce these so-called "studies" because it is become 
apparent to me that they're nothing more than 30 minutes worth of 
rectum plucking based on pre-conceived notions regarding *BSD/*NIX. I 
personally would like to hold these people to account based on the 
half-baked "analysis" which quite frankly is equal to the quality one 
would expect from a teenager.

Secondly, I would love to be able to hold these so-called CIO's to 
account for their decision based on some sort of "loyalty" they 
apparently think they should have to a multi-billion dollar 
corporation. It is always funny to hear the typical, "if we move, we 
have to re-train", it seems that these managers haven't heard of the 
"learn it or join the dole queue" motivational technique.

Thirdly, I've been into ANZ and not one of the PC's at the front desk 
have anything more than a web browser, Telnet session and a basic 
office suite with a couple of templates and macros. The ANZ CIO can't 
honestly turn around and proclaim that there is something missing so 
there for they are forced to be a Microsoft sycophant.

Fourthly, why do many of these businesses expect instant gratification 
within 1 year? how about LONG TERM, if businesses worried about the 
LONG TERM, then maybe CEO's and CIO's wouldn't make such rash and 
stupid decisions based on what is cool. Just look at Telstra's 
multibillion dollar investment into Pacific Century Cyberworks only to 
find that the share price falls through the floor. Where is the long 
term planning?

Anyone else care to add to my list of gripes? ;-)

  Matthew Gardiner

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