Spam on AUUG mailing lists (was: [Talk] Commercial: Unix/Linux Hands-on Training)

David Lloyd lloy0076 at
Tue Oct 7 07:59:44 EST 2003


> If you're prepared to give AUUG members a discount, you can be sure
> you'll get a significantly better uptake.

As national president you should know that the immediate past national
secretary has talked to IIT Training and negotiated a members discount of
15%. He told me this at the last year's Wired Up Expo when I asked him.

Now back to our regular programming...


(And why do I know this? I was the one who suggested it...)

The enemies are not Microsoft or SCO...
 They're already inside the Open Source Community
[Adapted from an old Labor Party maxim which states
 that the real enemy is not the opposition - it's 
 anyone not on your faction]

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