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Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Thu Oct 2 12:58:12 EST 2003



    Twenty percent of desktop software and 30 percent of server
    software will be changed to open source by 2007, a spokesperson
    from the Ministry of Information and Communication said.


    "If the change is successful, we will be able to save about
    US$300m a year. Also, we may ensure security and inter-
    connectivity of national information system," the spokesperson


    "We will allow anyone who uses open source software access to
    web-based services. Once that environment is made ready, then
    true competition will evolve," a spokesperson for the
    government said.

    Currently, Linux users are not able to use several key Korean
    web-based services. For example, many portals run by banks and
    government agencies support only Microsoft's Windows operating
    system and Internet Explore (IE) browser.

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