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Hope you're well and happy.

I think we have a winner here. I started an initiative called the Open 
Government Interoperability Project http://ogip.org.

We're creating 156 applications for state and local governments based on 
leopard (LAMP) and a working group made up of high profile individuals 
to create an ISO standard.

The 156 applications will be free to download and will equip any of our 
88,000 local government units will the applications they need.

Please take a look at the site, our position statement and the about us 

Do we have any Australian government units who would like to have a way 
to hook up?

We estimate short development periods since the apps are all web based, 
migrate MS Access tables and we have all the requirements, 
specifications, the database standards, distribution neutrality and the 
secure links and information retrieval.

Please tell me what you think.

All the best!

Tom Adelstein

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