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On Fri, May 30, 2003 at 05:29:41AM +1000, David J N Begley wrote:
> Hopefully we won't have too much to fear in terms of businesses dumping Linux
> (or open source) due to fear caused by SCO's current antics;  for example, in
> this morning's "Straight Talk" newsletter sent to Ovum clients, the analysts
> write in short:
>   "There is no need to call your lawyers, and no need to change your
>   Linux plans.
> [...]
>   "On this basis it is fair to assume that the case is a last ditch attempt
>   to create a future for the company.  SCO will live or die by the outcome
>   of this saga, and it looks very much as if IBM and the Linux community are
>   rightto call the company's bluff."
> A short version of what Ovum has sent to its clients can be seen here:

good points. Some more news:


 O'Shaughnessy, who was invited to address the meeting, had expressly 
 asked that the media be excluded. Asked about it this morning 
 O'Shaughnessy said he was not really that bothered about it. "I wanted it 
 to be an exchange of views between us (SCO) and Unix users. The media 
 always has access to me to ask questions so I felt this meeting did not 
 need to be turned into a press conference," he said.


 Attendees said O'Shaughnessy did not touch on anything which has not been 
 said publicly in the fortnight since SCO warned commercial Linux users 
 that they may be violation of its copyright.


 "He didn't say much that we didn't know," said one attendee. "The 
 audience was very professional though they were obviously very 
 concerned." O'Shaughnessy said he was pleased by the civil and 
 professional manner in which the meeting was conducted.

 One SuSE Linux user asked whether he should be concerned about continuing 
 to use the distribution. He received the puzzling reply that if it was 
 personal use he did not have to worry but if it was business use then he 
 would do well to take legal advice. There was no clarification about the 
 difference, attendees said.


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