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Andrew Rutherford andrewr at iagu.net
Mon May 26 18:34:05 EST 2003

At 5:38 PM +0930 26/5/03, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:

>At the AUUG board meeting on Saturday, we discussed the matter and
>came to the conclusion that AUUG and Linux Australia should make a
>press statement about the matter.  We discussed whether this should be
>a joint statement or separate statements and came to the conclusion
>that we probably wouldn't be able to agree on the wording of a joint
>statement quickly enough, so we'd probably have to issue separate
>statements.  I expressed the opinion that I would like the statements
>to be as similar as possible, but the others are probably correct when
>they say that this would be very difficult.  I intend to put our
>statement past the LA board before publishing, however, and I hope
>they do the same.

Also discussed was that although we would probably come up with 
different wordings and so two different press releases, there's no 
reason why the two different press releases could not be released 
jointly to help attract media attention.

(If you can follow the noun versus verb distinctions in the above - 
"release" is a little overloaded. :-)

It always helps if two different items about the same thing land on a 
journalists desk at the same time, so they can write an article 
taking the bits they like from both, having references to two 
statements in their article: "AUUG say this" and "Linux Australia say 
this" - it (hopefully) makes much more compelling reading.

Short form: If we can't co-ordinate the words 100%, let's at least 
co-ordinate the timing. :-)

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