[Talk] Re: [Linux-aus] SCO position, rationale and AUUG

Andrae Muys andrae.muys at braintree.com.au
Fri May 23 15:04:28 EST 2003

Luigi Cantoni wrote:
> This certainly has been a great history lession.
> I agree with Enno just a general statement of support and that people
> (organisations) should have nothing to fear.
> Maybe something like because it is open and all code can be seen then
> anyone can easily point to the exact piece and say it is mine. Until
> that is done and proven there is no problem.
> I assume that no one has actually said these 100's of lines of code
> right here are the ones copied from what xxx had.

I was thinking about this issue this morning, and it occurred to me that 
there is probably very little to be gained by "expressing support" for 
linux.  After all, this will hardly surprise anyone.  OTOH a press 
release accusing SCO of anti-competitive behaviour in refusing to 
substantiate their accusations of wrong doing during the development of 
the Linux Kernel;  Calling on SCO to release specific allegations of 
wrong doing, or abstain from vague threats and rumour mongering.  One 
constructive thing we could do would be to attack SCO's allegation that 
the Linux Kernel Developers could somehow "Launder" their code to avoid 
the legal challange.  That not only is such an accusation of dishonesty 
offensive, but physically impossible due to the millions of copies of 
the source code distributed in line with Linux's Open Source principles.


P.S. Yeah I always prefer counter-attack to defense... how could you 
tell? ;)

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