Billions (was: [Talk] All your base are belong to SCO (ITHO) (was: the gloves come off))

David Purdue dp18367 at
Thu Jun 19 14:28:39 EST 2003

David and Greg - how do you always reduce each issue to
the absolute silliest thing to fight about?


(If $1G is 1 grand, then surely $3B is 3 bucks - which I think
would be a valid settlement offer from IBM. ;-) )

david.newall at wrote:
> Greg 'groggy' Lehey <Greg.Lehey at> wrote:
>>>That would be $3B; $1G is universally understood as $1,000
>>Not in this part of the universe.
> Rubbish. A G is a Grand is a thousand dollars.  Always was; probably
> always will be.

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