[Talk] SCO: Linux distributors immune from prosecution

Con Zymaris conz at cyber.com.au
Wed Jun 25 11:12:39 EST 2003

get a load of this spin ;-) 

SCO have just realised that they cannot indemnify just their Linux kernel
users without breaking the GPL, which would revoke their re-distribution
rights to Linux these past 9 years, makinb them liable to prosecution and 
law suits.


 ComputerWire: Linux Distributors Appear to be Safe From SCO
 "Linux distributors are safe from legal action by The SCO Group Inc, 
 because the company does not want to destroy Linux, according to SCO's 
 SVP and general manager of the SCOsource intellectual property enforcement 
 division, Chris Sontag.

 "Although the Lindon, Utah-based Unix operating system vendor is sticking 
 by its claims that Linux contains code that has been illegally copied 
 from its Unix System V, it appears the company is unlikely to follow up its 
 $3bn lawsuit against IBM Corp with similar actions against Red Hat Inc, 
 SuSE Linux AG or others.

 "'One of the reasons we haven't launched a suit against a Linux 
 distributor is because of the GPL [open source General Public License],' 
 Sontag told ComputerWire. 'It would blow up the GPL and destroy Linux and 
 we do not want to do that...'"

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