[Talk] What SCO Wants, SCO Gets - Forbes

Chris Maltby chris at sw.oz.au
Thu Jun 19 10:56:07 EST 2003

A business view of the SCO Linux suit:


What SCO Wants, SCO Gets
Daniel Lyons, 06.18.03, 12:00 PM ET

"In other words, like many religious folk, the Linux-loving
crunchies in the open-source movement are a) convinced of their
own righteousness, and b) sure the whole world, including judges,
will agree.

They should wake up. SCO may not be very good at making a profit
by selling software. (Last year the company lost $24.9 million on
sales of $64.2 million.) But it is very good at getting what it
wants from other companies. And it has a tight circle of friends"

"As with the 1996 DOS lawsuit against Microsoft, in the current
lawsuit over Unix and Linux this company aims to take a nearly
dead chunk of old code, bought for a song, and parlay it into
a windfall. Not only is the strategy the same--so are some of
the players."

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