[Talk] Drawing Tool XFIG

Miles Goodhew mgoodhew at internode.on.net
Thu Jun 12 21:38:36 EST 2003


>A couple of down points but these are so minor in the overall project I
>still think it is great.
>1) When you deal with file names it only knows about delete character
>and so marking an area you have to delete it character by character
>rather then all in one shot.
>2) You have to hold the mouse button down with pull down menu's rather
>then click and move to the sub-menu.
>I know these are real petty and maybe even a configuration option but
>really these as bad as the problems get. XFIG works and works well.

I believe both these detractions are infact features of the Athena widget set
which XFig uses. Athena's been around for donkeys years (it was the "free" widget
set that came with X, the only alternative at the time being the pricier Motif
widget set). As far as I know Athena's never evolved much since it was originally
released. As a result, some of its behaviour is a bit kooky by today's standards.


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