[Talk] SCO news - analysts says they saw UNIX code in Linux

Con Zymaris conz at cyber.com.au
Fri Jun 13 15:55:06 EST 2003

this is better than serialised Buck Rogers on the wireless...

More juicy tidbits:



   Bill Claybrook, an analyst at Aberdeen Group Inc. in Boston, said he 
   viewed some of SCO's disputed code and saw that SCO could potentially 
   have a claim. But he said his opinion, based on a brief look at some 
   of the code, is far different than a judge or jury reaching a verdict 
   in the IBM case. "I have no idea" if there's a problem with the code, 
   Claybrook added.  
   "From what I've seen, I think people should be taking the SCO
   accusations seriously, but I don't know if they have any proof," he
   Claybrook said that though he was shown code that matched between Unix
   and Linux, he wasn't able to determine where the code had originated
   or how it might have gotten there.
   One thing that "bothered" him, he said, is that he asked SCO officials
   if they had any "direct evidence" that IBM copied any System V code
   into Linux and was first told there was no such evidence. Hours later,
   he said, SCO officials called him back and told him that they had  
   "misspoken" and that they did have such evidence.
   "That's kind of strange," Claybrook said.


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