[Talk] SCO Linux kernel still being distributed

Con Zymaris conz at cyber.com.au
Sun Jul 27 10:51:29 EST 2003

I would suggest that AUUG and LA prep a media release alerting the local
media that SCO have been telling porkies. Not only did SCO not stop
distributing the complete Linux kernel when they say they did, they
continue to distribute it now, under a regime indicatating the GPL as the
only licence applicable to the RPM package contents.


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Eric, Con,

I have downloaded the Linux kernel source RPM from SCO's FTP site today,
26 July 2003. I have done that from this location:


I have checked just now and the RPM still seems to be available. I have
also documented this on my site here:


If this is of any use or interest to you guys, feel free to use this
information or contact me if you need anything else.


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