[Talk] Linux.Conf.Au 2004 - Update

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Wed Dec 31 01:06:49 EST 2003

       L i n u x . C o n f . A u   2 0 0 4   U p d a t e

                                               December 30, 2003

Start the new year off with a Bang! - come to Linux.Conf.Au 2004 and hear
about some of the most interesting and certainly coolest things going on
in the Linux and open-source world!  If you haven't done so lately, have
a look at the conference programme
(http://linux.conf.au/programme.cgi) and ask yourself: can you afford to
miss this event? :-)

With just under 2 weeks to go, the organising team have some more
announcements for you.  Tell your friends, your boss, your neighbour,
even your dog - there's something for everyone at Linux.Conf.Au 2004!

*** The Apple Cybercafe

Apple Australia will be providing a wireless CyberCafe for conference
attendees, with Apple PowerBooks available for loan! (in exchange for a
credit card)  So for those who aren't bringing a laptop, and who don't
want to make use of our terminal room, go wireless while at LCA!

*** Internode's wireless coverage

And while we're mentioning wireless coverage, a big thanks go to
Internode for providing blanket wireless access around conference
facilities - you won't go without connectivity at LCA!

And even better, Internode are providing free access to Citilan -
wireless coverage across lots of the Adelaide CBD and North Adelaide's
cafe strip.  Nothing better than maintaining connectivity while enjoying
Adelaide's great cafes after each day at the conference.

*** FIXITs

Signed up for a FIXIT yet?  Got an itch that needs scratching?  Have a
look at http://linux.conf.au/fixit.cgi and propose some problem in the
OSS world that needs fixing, or help out solve an already identified
problem.  With the brain-power that will be concentrated in Adelaide in a
couple of weeks time, it's our chance to make a difference!  And why not,
with some great prizes from HP to reward those who contribute the best.

*** Keysigning

Jon Oxer's been busy preparing the conference keysigning - so if you'd
like to become trusted in the online world, mail us your GPG public key,
bring some photo ID to the conference, get your key signed and join the
community's web of trust.  Have a 'Captain Cook' over at
http://linux.conf.au/keysigning/ to see how to get involved.

*** Registrations closing soon

We keep saying this, but don't leave your registration too much later!
We've already surpassed last year's conference numbers and we're quickly
running out of space!  We might have to start getting strict with people
who've registered but not yet paid (hint, hint :-)

Already there's a shortage on some conference bag items, and spaces at
the conference dinner are at a premium.  We don't want anyone to miss
out, but even our Partners Programme (http://linux.conf.au/partners.cgi)
will be closing registrations on January 11 as it's almost full!

Sign up today at http://linux.conf.au/register/ before you miss out!

Linux.Conf.Au 2004 - the best one yet!


                 Your friendly Linux.Conf.Au 2004 Organising Team...


"EducationaLinux 2004 is going to rock!"

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