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Wed Dec 3 22:34:21 EST 2003

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Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 21:33:27 +1030
From: David Lloyd <lloy0076 at adam.com.au>
To: linuxsa at linuxsa.org.au
Subject: Open Source Business Network - SA

Open Source Business Network - SA


Today, 3 December, marks a new day in the South Australian open source
landscape. After many years of talk and no action, an Open Source Business
Network - SA is being formed.

My initial objectives for the OSBN-SA are to:

 * create a strong, business focussed industry cluster to support open
   source businesses and issues in South Australia

 * promote open source as a viable primary solution to businesses and
   individuals as well as an alternative solution for those who are
   currently using a non-open source solution

These objectives, aims and the means to achieve the objectives and aims
will be set by the participants of the industry cluster. I consider the
above two aims important and I am sure businesses in SA can think of many
more aims and projects to be involved in.

Therefore I am calling for all businesses (in SA) who want to participate
in this exciting new venture and group to subscribe to the Open Source
Business Network - SA's general mailing list:

 * http://osbn.inetd.com.au/mailman/listinfo/osbn-sa_osbn.inetd.com.au

Our web-site is:

 * http://osbn.inetd.com.au/

David Lloyd
OSBN-SA Organiser
0402 440993

   David Lloyd is a well known advocate for open source in South Australia
   and is involved in some way in virtually every open source organisation
   in South Australia. He is currently a freelance, open source

OSBN-SA would like to make special thanks to:

 * Chris Foote managing director of Inetd (http://www.inetd.com.au/)   
   - provision of mailing lists and web-site

 * Dan Sheaer (of open source fame)
   - for providing good contacts, advise and other stuff

 * Con Zymaris managing directory of
   Cybersource (http://www.cybersource.com.au/)   
   - for showing us that an open source industry cluster can work     
     (OSV in Victoria has just receive in excess of $50K Govt funding)

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