[Talk] Congratulations to the nominees!

Con Zymaris conz at cyber.com.au
Fri Aug 29 22:52:06 EST 2003


Those nominated are: 

Technology award: Martin Pool - for the "distcc" distributed compiler; 
Peter Chubb - for work on large block device support in Linux; Luke 
Mewburn - for work on the core NetBSD team leading to NetBSD 1.6; Luke 
Howard - for work on the Linux LDAP nameservice libraries. 

Application Award: Andrew Tridgell For rsync; The Karst Index Database 
Team (specifically Michael Lake, Rick Welykochy and Peter Matthews) - for 
the Karst Index Database, which catalogues all caves in Australia; David 
Hughes - for Mini SQL (also known as mSQL). 

Community Award: Kimberley Shelt - for setting up LinMagAu, promoting the 
cause of open source and highlighting Australian contributions to the 
community; Jeff Waugh - for open source evangelism, significant 
contributions to the Gnome project and promotion of Linux in Australia; 
Leon Brooks - for major contributions to the adoption of open source 
software in the Australian IT industry; Dr Horst Herb - for promotion of 
open source to the Australian medical community, founding of GNUMed 
project writing of gnotary and creation of Free Peer Reviewed 
Pharmaceutical Reference. 
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