[Talk] Re: [osv-list] Re: [Linux-aus] Roadmap for Linux/FOSS adoption in Australia

Con Zymaris conz at cyber.com.au
Thu Aug 21 11:00:08 EST 2003

On Thu, Aug 21, 2003 at 12:46:18AM +1000, John Knight wrote:
> I assume that they're encouraged to make copies for
> themselves as well (then returning it)?

But of course. Many will not have the capability to do so (not everyone
has a CD-RW,) but the full panoply of Open Source marketing spiel, listing
advantages and urging these users to make copies, which are totally legal,
for their friends and family, will be part of that.

> > 3) Wide Open Code: Open Source programming
> > competition for schools kids.
> >    http://wideopencode.osv.org.au/
> What age group would this be targeted at? I know that

In consultations with the education department, we decided on the last two 
years of high-school.

> there's programming savvy teens around the place,
> although they're mostly self-taught with outside
> resources, the current state of programming classes in
> Australia is laughable at best, in serious need of an
> update (in high schools anyway). Would this
> competition be targeted at teens, and if so for the
> 'extra-curriculum' kids, or the standard classes?

Could be either. Check out the site for full details.

> > 5) Travelling roadshow, showcasing how corporates
> > and government could 
> >    deploy FOSS in greater numbers with solid
> > business advantage.
> Can you expand a little exactly on what a travelling
> OSS roadshow would do, please?

half-day, 4-6 sessions, with minimal 'evangelism', but maximal 'how to
deploy FOSS/Linux in my organisation' coverage, inclusive of ROI, TCO,
planning and rollout document sample templates, arguments to give the the
MIS management or CEO or board of directors, sample memos for sending out
to staff telling them about the new OpenOffice deployment soon to be 
happening, training issues, excerpts from reports showing that Linux
desktops are not harder for staff to use etc etc. In other words, every
single tactic, document and overview that we can think of which will help
reduce the drag-of-adoption of FOSS down to zero.  

Ideas welcome.

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