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Tue Aug 5 10:03:54 EST 2003

Posted August 04, 2003 5:20 AM Pacific Time

DUSSELDORF, Germany -- Linux, once viewed as an OS only computer geeks
could appreciate, is today a much more user-friendly software that  
companies, public administrations, and consumers can master almost as
easily as Microsoft's Windows XP. That's the core finding of a study
published on Friday by Relevantive, a Berlin-based company specializing
in consulting companies on the usability of software and Web services.

The Relevantive usability study, which can be downloaded from the
company's Web site (www.relevantive.de), comes as numerous government
bodies and companies in Germany's public and private sectors move to
migrate their IT systems away from Windows to the Linux operating
system, while others are still debating the pros and cons of such a

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