[Talk] Re: [AUUG-ANNOUNCE]: AUUG moving forward

D A Vincent dvincent at zeta.org.au
Fri Mar 22 14:56:26 EST 2002

I wrote a message saying


At 20:34 +1030 21/3/07, you (David Lloyd) wrote:
>Help to do what?
>If you want to find employment you should be a little more detailed in


It looks like I've managed to give you completely the wrong idea, for 
which I must apologise.

My signature, as usual, mentions my employment status, but that's not 
why I am here.  (Is this mailing list often used by people to look 
for work?)

The help I wanted was help about using the mailing list 
(talk at auug.org.au).  I had been looking for some form of automated 
mailing list management system, but in other correspondence someone 
told me to simply mail to the list.

The subject on the message (and on this message) does give a clue 
about why I wanted to join the mailing list.  That is, I was 
interested in discussion about the future of AUUG as mentioned in a 
post by David Purdue to auug-announce.

I'll try to be more clear in future.

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