M$'s future OS market share [ was Re: [Talk] Some thoughts on AUUG, LUG's and their future ]

David Bullock db at dawnbreaks.net
Thu Jul 4 13:19:40 EST 2002

Well, an intersting perspective is at


where 'Joel' discusses the fact that operating systems are
an economic complement of computing hardware, and looks at
some of the efforts by hardware vendors to commodotize 
operating systems.

I don't believe they will have as much of the desktop OS
market as they would like ( given that they would like 100% )
but I think they will always hold a significant place in the
market.  They are welcome to be in the market and sell their
software, and to have their own distinguishing features from
other operating systems that warrant paying whatever price
they are asking.  They are welcome to licence their software
as proprietary IP, and to keep their users on steep upgrade

So long as they are not in a position to hold the market to
ransom ... that is, there are alternatives ... that's all 
that really matters.


On Thu, 4 Jul 2002, Steve Jenkin wrote:

> Gary,
> - I've had one or two comments not agreeing with my contention that MS
> will be out of Op Sys [or a bit player] in a few years.  Anybody else
> like to share their views on this?

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