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Adam Donnison adam at saki.com.au
Mon Dec 9 15:18:38 EST 2002

Brian Smith wrote:
> Hello All
> After gaining a copy of Debian Linux from the recent InstallFest here in 
> SA, I'm wishing to delve into the new world of Linux (Well its new to 
> me).....I'm just looking for some good resources for Newbie like myself, 
> espcially ones that don't all assume we are idiots
> Any Reccomendations?
It all depends upon what you want to learn. Probably the best
place to start is the Linux Documentation Project


This guides you through howtos, guides, faqs, man pages, etc.

Much of this is normally part of the distribution, look in /usr/doc
or /usr/share/doc before delving futher.

If you want to get into kernel hacking, then there is some doco in
/usr/src/linux/Documentation but you are better off having a look
at either http://www.linux.org or http://www.kernel.org

In general most of the books are out of date before they are printed.
This isn't just for Linux, but for many open source projects like
PHP, Perl and the like.


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