[Talk] Web Browser Exclusion

Greg 'groggy' Lehey Greg.Lehey at auug.org.au
Mon Dec 9 14:23:19 EST 2002

On Monday,  9 December 2002 at 14:18:04 +1100, Adam Donnison wrote:
> Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
>> I was going to say "not much", and quote
>> http://www.winejobsaustralia.com.au/ as a particularly bad example of
>> a web site which refused anything except real IE (it even refused
>> Opera masquerading as IE).  But then I went back and checked, and it
>> now seems to support all browsers.  I *did* send them mail telling
>> them what I thought of the previous situation, but I have no evidence
>> that it was my message that made the web designer See The Light.
> This site still refuses to allow non IE browsers unless you bypass
> the default page and go instead to the /home.htm page. Since most
> users are unlikely to figure this one out for themselves it is
> still a closed shop.

Hmm, so it does.  I could have sworn that was what I entered
yesterday.  But today it even refuses access with Opera if I claim to
be IE 5.0.  It almost looks as if they briefly lifted their blockade
yesterday, and today it works again.

>> Still, there are still too many broken web sites out there.  Should
>> AUUG take some active position on the matter?
> I think that more pressure would be better, perhaps AUUG could
> sponser a petition. Get enough signatures and maybe they may listen.

I think a press campaign would make more sense.  We should consider
it.  I'd be interested in feedback from other people as well.

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