[Talk] Automobile-less American visitor seeks ride from Canberra to AUUG and back.

David Kaiser dkaiser at cdk.com
Wed Aug 21 16:16:20 EST 2002


My name is David Kaiser, and I will be visiting Australia from the
United States between August 28, and approximately September 13.

I am going to be attending the AUUG conference, and would like to be
able to catch a ride (carpool) from Canberra to Melbourne, and from
Melbourne to Canberra after the conference.

I am obviously prepared to pay my portion of gas/toll expenses, etc...

If you are driving to the conference, have space for another person in
your car, and would like to help me out, please let me know by e-mailing
me at dkaiser at cdk.com  or by irc in channel #linuxgeeks on irc server

Thank you!

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